About Loft Interiors

About LOFT Interiors

We provide furnishing solutions for property professionals

Our furniture, appliances and accessories are delivered, fully assembled and installed by trained, insured professionals.
We will also remove and dispose of your old, unwanted furniture.

Our Story

It all started in 2003 with Buytolet-Furnishings:
Formed in Didsbury, South Manchester, we began providing next day furniture for local landlords

In 2004 the company became LOFT Interiors.
A service was then born that met the needs of landlords and agents. LOFT Interiors would take care of
assembling and delivery furniture, liaising with tenants, collecting keys and disposing of unwanted furniture items.

As the company continued to grow, it expanded into the student market.
In 2008 Student-Furniture, the company's specialist student department began providing full-scale
refurbishments for accommodation providers right across the UK.

Since 2014, LOFT Interiors have used the capability which grew from their expansion into the student sector
to provide the same high-intensity, short-timescale installation to cater for the new growth in the Private Rented Sector,
effortlessly completing on 100s units in a matter of weeks.

To this day, we stay true to the original service we developed back in 2003 and deliver next day replenishment
items to our clients day in day out but also have the operational capacity to upscale this to anything as required.

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