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Housing vs Affordability: Tackling The Two-Headed Monster

In the 2010s, homeownership has dropped by an average of 15%. By 2025, private rental homes are predicted to shoot up to 25% of the UK’s total accommodation statistics. These developments are a dire symptom of the housing market – too many people are searching for properties they can’t afford to own. Subsequently, there’s a great need for tens of thousands of new, affordable homes that provide quality living provisions. But how do we ensure the Private Rental Sector (PRS) is affordable whilst still effectively catering for the rental market?

The Emergence Of Microflats

The English language is developing in line with our skylines. As fast as cranes and new buildings are filling our horizons, we find ourselves systematically using new words that didn’t exist just a couple of years ago. It began with selfie, evolved with Twodio and now we’re talking Microflats.

4 Critical Things To Consider When Choosing Your Furnishing Partner

The property market has evolved immensely over the years. Once, furnishing a property was as simple as sourcing chairs, tables and beds. Now, it’s a complex landscape with a diverse range of end-users, each with their own needs and expectations.

Targeting Success: Maximising Profit on Your HMO

With the right model and calculations, HMO’s can be amongst the most lucrative rental models across the market, making them a popular investment choice, but how can you ensure the maximum profit on your return?

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