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Interior Design Trends That Landlords Should Embrace In 2018

Staying ahead of the rental market doesn’t just mean investing in the latest technology or placing yourself in a prime location. Tenants are also held under the sway of interior style – from year to year, the ground is laid anew for what people want to see in their homes. Landlords must pay attention to design tastes because, without them, they risk owning a property that doesn’t feel modern or sophisticated.

3 Changes Affecting Landlords And Agents In The New Tax Year

The 2018/19 tax year will strengthen the squeeze on landlords and lettings agents. A number of changes are due to hit the private rental sector; the purse strings will grow tighter, requiring a better understanding of how to save and manage investments.


Three major developments are headline material for any landlord or letting agent. We’ve listed them below to offer a view into what to expect in the year ahead…

Madchester 2018 - Rave On

I recently came across an article by The Guardian’s Alec Herron, who claimed; “Manchester’s housing greed is destroying its cultural heart.” (1.)

True: Manchester is in the floodlights of huge, region-wide residential housing projects; there is no doubt about that.

But in my eyes, the positives far outweigh the risk of cultural erosion


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