Landlords: Does Your Furnishing Provider Bring Problems, Or Solutions?

Rental spaces need character to compete for prospective tenants’ attention. A furnished property will be very attractive to young professionals, couples, or anyone who wants to move straight into a liveable environment. But is your furnishing provider doing all they can for you? Does their service make managing your portfolio easier, or more of a chore?

It’s vital to only pick the best, most experienced furniture supplier to stay competitive and relevant in the market. Here’s what to look for when choosing your partner…

Bespoke furniture for your demographic

Landlords must consider their demographic when fitting out their property. Professionals, for example, might look for homes with a small office area, whereas a young family would probably prefer to utilise an extra room for additional bedding.

To maximise occupancy rates and yields, your furniture supplier should be able to work with you to tailor the layout and furnishings accordingly, so that you can attract the right tenants for your property and location.

Fire-resistant investments

By law, every furnishing piece sold in the UK must carry a fire safety label. They have to be stitched into the item itself at the point of sale; failure to give this certification is going to put your tenants at risk.

The labels relate to a specific part of UK fire regulation. Beds, divans and mattresses, for instance, must carry a reference to BS7177: the small-print denoting fire-resistant manufacture for bedding products. If your supplier imports furniture from overseas manufacturers, make sure they come with the relevant accreditation.

A considerate and timely delivery

Maintaining your property portfolio will take up much of your time. As such, it’s crucial to find a supplier who fits around the schedule you keep to, staying mindful of moving-in periods and installation commitments.

At LOFT, for instance, we have a rigid guarantee for next-day delivery. We tell tenants we’re coming in advance of the refurbishment procedure, so they’re prepared for our arrival. Further services, like meeting you for the room keys or looking after warehouse storage for as long as it’s needed, are the best grades for quality in the rental market.

Installing the furniture itself

Furniture suppliers shouldn’t cut their services off when their products reach a client’s door. Instead, they must take another step, assembling the furniture and fixing it in the desired location. This expertise can save hours of work on the part of a landlord or tenant.

Again, LOFT Interiors retain an edge over other providers by staying behind to assemble your order. We know our clients have other concerns to deal with… our professional installation team will ensure your rental property is fit for habitation with safely constructed furniture.

By accepting standards lower than those we’ve outlined here, you’ll be doing your investments a disservice. Furnishing is too important to leave to a subpar supplier. Contact us to learn more about why we’ve been trusted by landlords and letting agents for over 15 years.