Stand Out From The Crowd: How dressing your property can attract the right tenants for you

Here at Loft Interiors we have a number of one stop furniture solutions to help you kit out your home ready for prospective tenants as, although the renting market is very much in the favour of landlords, it’s still important to make a good impression to get your property filled as quickly as possible.

Recently, online letting agent Upad conducted an experiment into the effect that a well-furnished, attractively decorated environment has on prospective tenants. Using furniture provided by Loft Interiors, they advertised the same three bed London property twice; one listing presented the property bare, whilst the other showed it dressed.

The results? Three weeks later, the dressed advertisement had attracted 75 percent more enquiries then the empty one, and a tenant was secured from that ad.

Although not a scientific study, Upad’s experiment does highlight that by creating a ‘show home’ look you are likely to generate more interest in your property, and therefore secure a tenant more swiftly.

With so many properties out there and so many tenants starting their search online, it’s important to grab their attention from the off.

Similarly, in some instances it is likely that you will boost the rental value of your property by up to 20 percent – a small investment in choice items may reap great rewards when it comes to monthly rent.

By promoting a lifestyle, you may also attract a higher standard of prospective tenant, and those that do move into your property are likely to take care of it better if it is presented to them in excellent condition.

The good news is that you don’t need to spend the earth to get the look you want. Beds dressed with simple linens, cushions and throws, colourful rugs and bare bulbs covered by lamp shades can make a big difference to a sparsely furnished and decorated room.

To take the stress out of sourcing and decorating your property, consider opting for a furniture package. This offers all the essentials at an unbeatable price. Our superior furniture package is a great option, with stylish, durable and modern furniture including sofas, dining sets with table and chairs, wooden coffee tables and luxurious faux leather beds complete with Orthopedic mattresses.

At just £995 (+VAT) to kit out a one bedroom home, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to find this kind of value buying each piece of furniture individually.

Explore our furniture packages to discover exactly how you can make your property more desirable to prospective tenants and get it rented out quicker.

Our 5 Top Tips for Sprucing Up your Rental Property on a Budget

  • Paint or wallpaper one ‘feature’ wall to give an interior design look
  • Thoroughly de-clutter to keep things looking modern and clean
  • Make small investments in choice lifestyle props; dress the bed with throws, add cushions to the sofa, neatly arrange towels in the bathroom and hang modern and funky pictures on the walls to add a pop of colour
  • Invest in a complete furniture package, such as Loft Interiors’ Superior Package and take the stress out of preparing your property for rent
  • Be sure to pick durable furniture that will not need replacing between tenants