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Build To Rent

Twenty Twenty

The landscape of the fast-developing Build to Rent market is now truly beginning to reveal itself and, done well, it is our belief that it holds nothing but good news for investors and tenants alike.

Success in this emerging asset class relies upon careful consideration and planning; a process that starts at the very outset when choosing a location, and runs throughout the entire design and implementation of a new development.

The funders, who are set to become some of the UK's largest residential landlords, are now fully embracing this. Rightly so, they are engaging with operators who will help them extract optimum long-term returns on their investments.

But equally important is the increasing realisation that every BTR scheme must have real substance, not just style. It is crucial for both investors and operators alike to understand that tenants will soon see through a building that hinges on hype and frills without actually allowing them to live in the way they want.