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Build To Rent

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Twenty Twenty Living (IIO IIO) is our dedicated brand for Build To Rent. It has developed organically, in tune with the residential marketplace; just as BuyToLet-Furnishings (2003), Loft Interiors (2004) and Student-Furniture (2010) have done previously.

LOFT provides a “one stop” furnishing solution to the residential property sector.

Build to rent bedroom

Modern life is stressful. Having a place to relax, recuperate and reflect is paramount to maintaining a balanced lifestyle. IIO IIO recognises the need for great design within the home as it influences our experiences, well-being and performance.

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The “Collections”, designed by IIO IIO, showcase on-trend, industry tested products and accessories which balance style, durability and price point.

Our vision for the brand is; “To create socially conscious, aspirational living spaces with a strong emphasis upon ethical procurement and consumerism.”

LOFT are experts in establishing a unique style identity in-line with your brand message.

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