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Student Furniture

Create stunning student living spaces with internationally sourced items from Student-Furniture.

Looking for contemporary furnishing solutions that will set your student accommodation developments apart from the competition? Get in touch – since 2008 we have been procuring, importing and installing quality furniture to service the student accommodation market.

Each piece in our range is crafted with care and made for durability by the world's most innovative student furniture designers and imported by our team.

But to us, it's more than just furniture.

There's a science to designing the perfect student accommodation, ensuring that shared and private living spaces are filled with light and purpose built amenities for studying, cooking and living.

We will work with you from the procurement and design stages through to delivery, installation and aftercare – take a look at our dedicated website.
Watkin Jones

Working with the client's design team we finalised a loose furniture specification for the studios, cluster bedrooms and cluster kitchens for installation across all 7 sites.

The brief was clear: robust, durable furniture that was on-trend and also customisable – the retro sofas were manufactured in various colours and fabrics to complement each different site and the coffee and dining tables were made to bespoke sizes for each apartment/studio type.

We delivered to 2555 bedrooms across 7 different sites, from Glasgow to Bristol during summer 2016. We worked alongside 2 interior design companies appointed by the client for the large amenity spaces at each site, ensuring we met the concept from the designer and adhered to the client's budget whilst delivering durable, fit for purpose products.